Writing a pitch for a short film

Chance Muehleck11 months ago 3 15 min read An unproduced feature script has a. Short film ideas, on the other hand, can be made for significantly less money, increasing their chances of being produced. But writing contained short films takes a very specific skill set.

Writing a pitch for a short film

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To take full advantage of this situation, you must pitch your project in a way that succinctly, emotionally and powerfully conveys both its artistic and commercial potential.

And because there will be lots of other writers and filmmakers hoping to do the same thing, you want both your pitch and your story to stand out among the hundreds of others these potential buyers will hear.

My book Selling Your Story in 60 Seconds: But if I were to boil down all of the principles, examples and pitching templates the book provides for creating, rehearsing and delivering an outstanding pitch, it would result in these seven steps: Never try to tell your whole story.

This is by far the biggest mistake any writer or filmmaker can make. So instead of trying to weave a tale in two minutes, you want to….

writing a pitch for a short film

Focus on revealing the essential elements of your story. These are the key questions buyers want you to answer for them: Who is your HERO or protagonist?

Here are My Top 7 Takeaways on How to Make a Short Film:

Begin by revealing how you came up with the idea. Titles are close to meaningless, and usually confusing, when a buyer knows nothing about the story at all. And log lines might convey a little bit, but they will have much greater impact later in the pitch see below.

Instead, open your pitch by saying where you first got the idea for your story. It might grow out of a personal experience, or it might be based on a true story, or a novel for which you have the rights, or some article you read that stimulated your creativity.

Opening in this way draws the buyer into your story with the same element that got you excited about it. Leave the buyer in suspense. Complete your presentation by either summarizing the conflict, or by revealing whatever major setback occurs at the end of Act 2. This can often be done when you… 5.

Finish your description with the title and the log line. Here is where these elements of your pitch can be most powerful — after your buyer knows the essence of your story.

So when you complete the description that includes those key elements in item 2, follow with the title, and then a single sentence that summarizes it all: Follow the log line with a question.

As any good salesperson will tell you, you have to ask for the sale to close the deal. For many writers this is the hardest part of the pitch. They have carefully prepared, well-rehearsed, second presentations, and then they respond to simple questions with long, meandering responses — usually in an unconscious attempt to tell the entire story see 1 above.

So listen to exactly what your buyer wants to know about your script, and then answer just that question in no more than 10 seconds. The beauty of the Pitch Slam is that when that happens, you just move to the next table and present your pitch again.

The Pitch Slam — and the entire conference — should be a very special event, and a great opportunity.

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Learn how to write a pitch the simple way with these 8 essential steps to a powerful pitch by script-writing expert Michael Hauge, author of Selling Your Story in 60 Seconds: The Guaranteed Way to Get Your Screenplay or Novel Read.

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Have a short film, web series, book, screenplay, pilot or true story? Pitch your project to Hollywood buyers and representatives - response guaranteed.

Have a short film, web series, book, screenplay, pilot or true story? “Greenlightmymovie gave me the opportunity to submit a short trailer to production companies. This way, I could submit.

The teaser pitch is a short pitch. Traditionally, you get three sentences to hook listeners into the premise, the genre, and the scope of your film. When crafting this pitch, pay particular attention to what you think they might be listening for.

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