Writing a movie review for kids

Book reviewers try to give honest feedback about a book they've read, and they do it in different ways. Most book reviewers write for an audience who are looking for a book to read. Here's one plan that might work if you're are not sure how to get started.

Writing a movie review for kids

The movie got high ratings from IMDB 8,1 and deserved a lot of attention from movie critics. Below we will consider the movie in more details. But is it any good? First of all, I should probably mention that hardcore Lewis Carroll fans may find very disappointing. The movie is merely based on the book.

It features most of the same characters and a couple of the same locations, but the story is completely different.

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Alice is no longer a little girl, but an unconventional young woman who has the same dream of finding herself in Wonderland every night, until one day it happens in real life. Her arrival was expected. Alice is supposed to save the inhabitants from the evil Red Queen and get the reign back to her kind sister, the White Queen.

She knows nothing about it, but she is meant to be the knight in shining armor, both figuratively and literally speaking. At the beginning of his career he has made enormous contribution in the field of Game Theory, which was a revolution in this mathematical area and almost brought international fame to the author.

The movie was filmed in by Ron Howard and today it is called modern classics: Such movies, telling us about the life of a famous person, are always difficult to assess, because any such creations somehow pretend to be biographical ones. But in fact they are just a glance of one particular producer on the life of another individual.

Of course, much depends on the actor who will perform the role of the protagonist and after watching Beautiful Mind I will agree with this once again. The main character Max Skinner is a driven bond trader in London; a workaholic, who does not take holidays or goes on vacations.

Examples: Learn from the efforts of others

He is only interested in making money and keeping up with his success. Then in a common twist of the plot Max finds out his uncle had died and left him to be the sole beneficiary of the vineyard estate in Province.

writing a movie review for kids

He intends to sell the property, but circumstances prevent him from doing that immediately, and force him to stay there for a longer period of time.

This is the place where he used to spend summer holidays when he was a little boy, which brings on the nicest memories and compels Max to reconsider his lifestyle.


According to the IMDB, the movie got rating of 5 out of 10which means an average result. Still, let us consider it in details.

First of all, you will not see any top famous actors and actresses in the cast. Then, there are no much graphical effects in this movie. Nevertheless, it is not as important as the story itself and what creators wanted to say to the audience.

Legion gives you a reason to think about the world you live in and your role in it. It shows the life as it is — with all the events happening around to each one of us.

The story is about choice and the fact that everyone has to make it.Book Review Writing Examples Examples: Learn from the efforts of others. But older kids would like it because of all the facts in the back of the book.

There's a lot of information for each animal. I think boys and girls (and parents) would enjoy reading it. This book is very interesting. I give it 4 stars. Legion Movie Review Legion is a movie by Scott Charles Stewart, which appeared in the cinemas all around the world in January, According to the IMDB, the movie got rating of 5 (out of 10), which means an average result.

By publishing the reviews you write, you can share your ideas about books with other readers around the world. It's natural for young readers to confuse book reviews with book reports, yet writing a book review is a very different process from writing a book report. This is an easy-to-use guideline to help students prepare to write a movie review.

It has pictures and examples of movies.

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It is appealing to young students and fun to older ones.4/5(9). Read what teens think about today's movies, classic films, yesterday's videos, everyone's favorite celebrities and stars - and the whole movie industry.

All movies reviews, video reviews and DVD. Kids' films helped British and Irish cinemas set a record for the amount of money spent on tickets in one weekend. More than £20m was spent in cinemas between Friday and Sunday, with Harry Potter, Transformers and The Simpsons Movie all doing really well.

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