What lay behind the horror of

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What lay behind the horror of

Rapes of children in this country are not a rarity. We have heard of even eight-month-old babies being brutalised by men. So it is not the age of the victim alone that should shake us. Nor indeed the manner of the rape.

What lay behind the horror of

Humans have the capacity to imagine novel depravities. Newer forms of horrors can be and have been invented and executed. Apart from the act itself, it is the brazen and cunning support for the criminals which was displayed on the streets of Jammu under the cover of the national flag which should lead us to pause and question how as a society we have reached this point.

The lawyers proved that the rapists were not alone in this ritual of the rape and murder of a little Muslim girl.

"The Dunwich Horror" by H. P. Lovecraft

I know some people will object to my describing the girl as Muslim. Let us call her a child and the rapists merely as rapists.

But was she not raped and killed for being a Muslim? Was it not done to scare all the Bakarwal Muslims families away from Kathua? It was the tri-colour dance on the streets of Jammu which was the most disgusting.

But that should not have surprised us either. Look at the cunning calculations that lay behind what the lawyers were asking for: All three demands have a common element: The cleverness behind the demand of a CBI investigation cannot be missed.

The crime branch of the state police had put together a coherent account of the act and was going to file a chargesheet. The idea was to block the move and allow a respite for the criminals. The CBI, being what it is nowadays, would have slowed down the investigation and would also have given an excuse for the government that a higher agency was looking into the crime, for have not we been demanding time and again for cases to be transferred from the state investigative agencies to the central body?

That breathing space would then have been used to mobilise support for the perpetrators among the Hindus of Jammu.

What lay behind the horror of

How and why did lawyers, politicians and others feel emboldened to block the police from filing the chargesheet, take out a procession and give a call for a bandh?

Why did they feel assured of popular support? Were they only the most vocal, articulate ones from a community the rapists and their supporters were trying to mobilise in their anti-Muslim campaign? The organisers of the procession feigned ignorance — nobody was ready to take responsibility for the bizarre aesthetic demonstration of support of a vile act.

We did not ask how a tableau could be smuggled into a procession?Lay Anglicana, the unofficial voice of the laity throughout the Anglican Communion.

THE HORROR OF A FARM MURDER IN SOUTH AFRICA- THE STORY THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA REFUSE TO TELL. Something about them just feels off from frame one, like something important is missing.
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This is the place to share news and views from the pews. Get involved. The Real Instinct Lurking Behind the Kathua Horror. Look at the cunning calculations that lay behind what the lawyers were asking for: besides demanding the case to be transferred to the CBI.

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