Villette essay

He requested that Parisian jewelers Charles Auguste Boehmer and Paul Bassange create a diamond necklace that would surpass all others in grandeur. It would take the jewelers several years and a great deal of money to amass an appropriate set of diamonds. In the meantime, Louis XV died of smallpoxand du Barry was banished from court by his grandson and successor. The necklace consisted of many large diamonds arranged in an elaborate design of festoonspendants and tassels.

Villette essay

In the course of the novel, Lucy grows from a shadowy, self-effacing adolescent into an independent, self-possessed woman, learning to live her own life and tell her own story.

She narrates that story from within the framework of the conventions of the female narrative of domestic or romantic love even while the story critiques those conventions.

The lives and loves of Mrs. Bretton, her son Graham, and little Polly Home are the central focus.

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After Lucy leaves the Brettons and is orphaned by the deaths of her own family, she again experiences life vicariously through Miss Marchmont, a wasted woman for whom Lucy is a companion and nursemaid. In neither place does Lucy feel a part of the scene, and in both places she is treated as little more than a hand to serve and an ear to listen.

Lucy is defined, and she defines herself, within the narrow confines of her duties to others. Here, despite the restrictions of being female, she first encounters the opportunity to distinguish herself in opposition to those conventional restrictions.

Lucy experiences contradictory impulses. Proud of her calm detachment, she is also pained by being deprived of the traditionally feminine joys of motherhood and romance.

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Lucy is caught in the conflict between her desire to stand outside conventional feminine roles and her attraction to those same roles. The entire section is 1, words. Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this page Villette study guide and get instant access to the following:The Affair of the Diamond Necklace was an incident in at the court of King Louis XVI of France involving his wife, Queen Marie reputation of the Queen, already tarnished by gossip, was ruined by the implication that she participated in a crime to defraud the crown jewelers of the cost of a very expensive diamond Affair is historically significant as one of the.

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Villette essay

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Villette essay

Charlotte Brontës Villette, which is loosely based on the authors time as a student in Brussels, Belgium, is a first-person narrative of development, with Lucy Snowe at its center, both as protagonist and as a sometimes unreliable narrator.

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