The question of whether the death penalty is constitutional

The US Supreme Court has often dealt with the question of whether the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishmentsometimes seeming to hold that it is cruel and unusual punishment and sometimes seeming to hold that particular ways of administering the death penalty are cruel and unusual. Where does the law currently stand on whether the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment? Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

The question of whether the death penalty is constitutional

Justices to consider role of racial bias in death penalty case Posted Wed, September 28th, Buck also shot his step-sister, Phyllis Taylor, in the chest at point-blank range; the bullet missed her heart by only an inch, but she survived. A Texas trial court appointed two lawyers to represent Buck at his trial.

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One of those lawyers, Jerry Guerinot, has been described as the worst capital defense lawyer in the country: Twenty of his clients have been sentenced to death.

Unless the jury unanimously concluded that he would be, it could not sentence him to death under Texas law. However, Buck did not have any convictions for violent crimes, and a psychologist testified that he was unlikely to be dangerous in the future.

Quijano provided the defense team with a report in which he indicated that, as a statistical matter, Buck was more likely to commit violent crimes in the future because he is black. After two days of deliberations, the jury concluded that Buck was indeed likely to be dangerous in the future and sentenced him to death.

After his conviction and death sentence were affirmed on appeal, Buck now represented by a new lawyer filed a motion for post-conviction relief in the Texas courts.

A year after the post-conviction motion was filed, Texas filed a brief in the U. There are several points of contention in the Supreme Court.

But, the state contends, Buck had failed to show that the jury might have reached a different decision if the opinion had not been introduced, because there was plenty of evidence that Buck was likely to be dangerous in the future. Buck stresses that his circumstances are indeed extraordinary: He also suggests that the denial of his application for a certificate of appealability reflects an overly parsimonious approach by the 5th Circuit to certificates of appealability more generally: Other courts of appeals, he observes, have granted the certificates at far higher rates in death penalty cases.

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The 5th Circuit, the state argues, gave Buck ample opportunity to make his case for a certificate of appealability, and it thoroughly considered and addressed his arguments in its order denying the certificate.

Two justices — Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg — have even suggested that the court should consider whether the death penalty is constitutional at all. Amy Howe, Argument preview:The question of whether death penalty constitutes cruel and unusual punishments and thereby violates the provisions contained in the Eighth Amendment is therefore often debated.

The question of whether the death penalty is constitutional

Some states have passed laws imposing mandatory death penalties in certain cases. A Death Penalty Case, or Just Bullying? Now, this Court has held that the death penalty is constitutional. It's controversial as a constitutional matter.

Justice Kennedy, the fact that the State chooses a certain method should not — ­­should not have bearing on whether that method is constitutional. Murkier, however, is the question of whether the administration can get death penalties against drug traffickers not directly tied to a homicide.

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The question is not whether death serves the supposed purposes of punishment and deterrence, but whether that serves more effectively than imprisonment or not. It is certainly doubtful that the infliction of death strengthens the community’s moral code.

A murder in Weld County has once again renewed the question over whether capital punishment might be utilized in the state Once again, the death penalty is a topic of discussion in both legal and political circles in Colorado.

The Supreme Court has never weighed in directly on the question of whether it is constitutional to enforce the death penalty for a drug trafficker in a case not involving a homicide.

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