The panorama of india s past

It is time to see if the book achieves the objectives it sets out to achieve and judge it thus. I will let my earlier one-line review stand. Here goes… The following passage reflects the objective of the book.

The panorama of india s past

More women will come out against their bosses and hopefully this will lead to a healthier workplace environment. At that time, there were no internal complaints committees and the idea of approaching the police was scary. Does this mean that the incidents did not occur?

The lesson learnt is that women have to stake a claim. They will not be given their rights on a platter. They have to snatch them from a patently patriarchal system of corporate governance.

Whether it was his decision or whether he was pressured by the party bosses to do so, we will never know. Whatever may be the reason, it is a welcome move. The message has gone out loud and clear. A Union Minister cannot hold office when such allegations of sexual misconduct are piled up against him.

This is a message that has gone out globally. The government took its own time. The Prime Minister and the party bosses kept mum and even allowed him to remain in office until he filed a case of criminal defamation against the first person who had accused him, using his political clout in an uneven court battle.

As an anchor in a TV talk show commented, 97 lawyers against one individual. This will open up the doors for more women to come out against their bosses and seniors at the workplace and hopefully will lead to a healthier workplace environment ensuring dignity of women.

But it is possible to dent this structure; it is possible to bring in fresh air. Yes, they were strong women. Yes, they occupy influential positions today. Yes, a poor woman working as a contract labor will not be in a similar position to resist the even more blatant sexual overtures from her supervisor.

Yes, it is possible for women to file such cases and tarnish the image of their bosses without due process. Yes, even accepting all the limitations, we need to rejoice this moment. The Vishaka guidelines issued by Justice JS Verma were historical but its impact was marginal on corporates.

Even within government offices most women did not register complaints as the complaints committees were non-functional, or it was very easy to gang up against the employee when a senior boss was involved.

The panorama of india s past

The private corporates did not bother to set up complaints committees. Then in we got the Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act. Even this did not have the desired impact. But now hopefully these committees will begin to function. They will invite an external member, an NGO person or an expert on the issue, to be part of this committee.

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And if there are lapses, the MeToo movement will still be around to expose the lapses. These are the concrete gains of this campaign. While denting the patriarchal base of our industries, institutions and public offices, it has spilled into the legal and political domains.

We cannot predict what the legal battle will entail and how long it will go on from one court to the other. All eyes will be on the court and many legal issues will have to be gone into. However, we cannot undermine it as it was a bold step, as a woman who exposes her violator with the intimate details of the abuse which may involve naming body parts and graphically describing the type and extent of abuse in the social media, have more to lose than the person named.Past Correspondence "Dialogues" with Owen Land "Panorama of Love" This Friday at The Velaslavasay Panorama The Velaslavasay Panorama.

In India - to The 78rpm Phenomenon. Saturday, January 30th, Doors open at 7 o'clock P.M. Lecture begins promptly at P.M. In conjunction with the Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund in New Delhi, Oxford proudly announces the reissue of Glimpses of World History and The Discovery of India, two famous works by Jawaharlal Nehru.

One of modern day's most articulate statesmen, Jawaharlal Nehru wrote a on a wide variety of subjects.4/5.

Jun 06,  · The panorama of her past, the search for India, the bharat mata, the variety and unity of India and all these reflect the beauty and glory of the Indian civilization. Reading through the pages, one can easily tell the difference between the India that is being talked about in 5/5.


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India’s past; her glory, her victory, her shock, her reminiscence, her philosophy, her geography, her fate, and her everything This is a compelling read from the man who lead India in her darkest hour; the man who was chosen by destiny to enlighten the Indians, proves himself to be an enlighten soul when it comes to know her.4/5.

Turn the prism of the past — The Indian Panorama