The influence of the learning environment in smk essay

The value is greater than ttable 0. Thus it can be concluded that for a group of students who have the ability to think critically high, there are differences in outcomes between the groups of students learn math by learning by CTL and conventional learning after controling interest in learning mathematics. To find out which group is higher can be seen from the average value of corrected both groups.

The influence of the learning environment in smk essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. A good teacher who has a good teaching skill, and there are do not have a good learning environment.

The student will not success and achieve the target for good exam result. In the model Problem Statement Every school has their own learning environment in the teaching and learning section.

The teachers also have the different learning teaching in the learning process. As a management of SMK Taman Universiti, learning environment is will affect the learning behavior and at last it will affect student result. Justification of Study This research is importance to improve the learning environment and enhance final test result of the students on their learning behavior.

The Influence of the Learning Environment in SMK Essay Sample

Significance of the Study This research will identify the appropriate learning environment to match the learning behavior of students. This research will become the future reference for the researchers who want to continue or expand the topic. Douglas McGregor, it stated that the person in theory X is they are lazy,less motivation to work more, need some enforcement they will finish quickly; and theory Y believe the person is active and motivated.

According to Mortimore,classroom factors that contribute to effective student outcomes. Teacher means the person who teaching the students.

The instructional activities in the class will involve students in doing things and thinking about what they are doing Bornwell, Based on prior survey and sources from SMK Taman Universiti 2 database, it had been estimated that there were about students.

According to Maholtrasampling is the selection of a group of persons from a population with each person having an equal chance of being selected. Based on this estimation of population size for student SMK Taman Universtiti 2, the number of sample is 80, as determined based on the table proposed by Krejcie and Morgan Table 1 Table Krejcie and Morgan N — n N — n N — n N — n N — n 10 — 10 — 80 — — — 15 — 14 — 86 — — — 20 — 19 — 92 — — — 25 — 24 — 97 — — — 30 — 28 — — — — Research Design Research design is a framework or blueprint for conducting the research project Malhotra, The research design consists of two broad types: Conclusive research designs are either descriptive or causal.

Besides, the descriptive design can be further categorized as either cross-sectional or longitudinal Malhotra, Data Collection Research This research used the observation and interview for the teacher to measure the learning behavior of the student.

This research used the sample method simple random sampling to collect the data. Scope and Location Research This research select 10 person teacher to be the target observation and interview and 80 person student will be select to answer question as well to measure the effectiveness of teaching process.


Then, the result of student will be taken as reference after the interview section. Instrument Research This research used the observation, interview and questionnaire to collect the data. Various descriptive statistics have been computed using frequencies and means to measure the percentage of demographic and the level of learning behavior.

The level of learning behavior is divided to three levels by using the formula of range Berenson et al. Level of learning behaviour Range Level 1.

The influence of the learning environment in smk essay

Emphases on the methods of this study scientifically and systematically quite achieve the research objectives. Prentice Hall Malholtra, N. Wang, Haertel, and Walberg,p.Essay about Research methods The Influence of the Learning Environment in SMK Taman Universiti 2 Skudai Lecture: Dr. Bambang Sumintono The Influence of the Learning Environment on learning behavior in SMK Taman Universiti 2 Skudai Introduction The learning environment is very importance for the student to get a .

The Influence Of The Learning Environment In SMK ) Learning Environment According to Mortimore, (), classroom factors that contribute to effective student outcomes. classroom factors that contribute to effective student outcomes.

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The social. methods and learning environment which was created when the learning process influenced student’s learning achievement in class XI with the competency of accounting expertise at SMK PGRI 1 Jombang.

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The Influence Of The Learning Environment In SMK