Short essay on winter in india

There are six seasons in-a year. Winter is one of them. It is felt in India from the month of November till the end of February. It covers the two months named Pausha and Magha as per the Oriya Calendar.

Short essay on winter in india

The first season started at the beginning of a year is summer, rainy season, early autumn, late autumn, and the last season of the year is winter and spring season. That all seasons in India are an element of climate, i. Summer season During the three months from March to May.

It is a summer in most of India. The year starts with the summer season. In this season the sun pours down his dazzling and scorching rays. All pools and streams, tank and wells dry up in this season.

Sunlight giving so much burn on a face. In this season the fruits also ripe. It is rich in various varieties of fruits. Mangoes and jackfruit ripen in this season, and we eat this with plenty. In the summer season, the day becomes longer than the night. At afternoon the heat becomes unbearable and burnable.

There are few to be seen out of doors. Even cows and dogs seek shady shelters. Birds rest in their nests. Roads are almost deserted. The dust storm in the afternoon sometimes reduces the intensity of heat.

In mid-summer, there is the great scarcity of water. But this lack of water does not last long. Rainy season in India Rainy season is started from the June to September. There are so many seasons in India, but the rainy season is the very beautiful season in India.

Rainy season brings the plenty of water. In this season the rain covers the heavy downpour. It brings so much happiness and joy for farmers. They are always waiting the rainy season with impatience for his agriculture ground.

Rain is bringing in the prospect of refreshing showers. Wells and tanks, pools and ponds that were made dry by the summer are now full of water. Dried fields become wet, and paddy and jute grow. This season the sun remains hidden behind the cloud. It rains torrents, and sometimes it rains continually together.

Sometimes in a rainy season rains down so much forcefully and it becomes so harmful for shelter fewer people. However, Pleasant and unpleasant at the same time for if it fertilizes the land and prepares the soil for tilling and sowing, it also turns the village roads muddy and slippery and makes the village folk suffer from cold and fever.Mar 07,  · Short Essay on Winter Season in India in English In India, winter season starts in the month of October and ends in February.

December and January are the coldest months in this season/5(21). Winter stays in our country for about three 3 Aug Words Essay on Winter season for kids and vegetables like cabbage, turnips, cauliflower, radish tomato, etc. grow in abundance in India. 27 Nov This Winter can be used for grade 1, .

Read this short essay on Winter Season! Winter is the coldest season of the year in some parts of the northern and southern hemisphere, this season is characterized by falling snow and freezing cold temperatures, usually exacerbated by strong winds.

Short essay on winter in india

Joy of winter: We wear woolen clothes to keep ourselves warm. A sip of hot coffee in the morning gives us pleasurable experience. When the climate is moderately cold, we can plan a picnic with our friends. Also read, Short Essay on The Joy of Winter Season.

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Essay On The Seasons of India (Summer, Rainy, Winter And Spring)