Mikorzyn writing a book

Why is it so hard to finish writing a book? Want to write a book? Sign up for our free 3-part series beginning next week on how to write a book in a month. It likely has to do with one of these three reasons:

Mikorzyn writing a book

Soshychne was then a village. Since Kovel is also easier to pronounce, the spear or really just the spearhead became know as the Kovel spear shaft or the Kovel spearhead if you will.

mikorzyn writing a book

The spear was found, apparently by a farmhand, when a hill had been cleared for ploughing for the first time well, first time in the then memory.

The hill was situated in the direction of another village to the SW — Lychyny. Apparently, the local land tenant, a Mr. Jan Szyszkowski, for whom the farmhand probably worked was on site at the time and managed to preserve it. In the summer of the same year he was visited by a relative, one Aleksander Szumowski, to whom he gifted the artifact.

Szumowski seeing the incrusted runes got excited and suggested continuing in the area with regular excavations. As a result of these, in a hammer head was also discovered in the same location. In fact, if you look at the above picture in detail here is another highlighted versionthere appear to be there several splotchy areas which may have resulted from water flows or other reasons but which may merit further investigation.

In any event, in the meantime, Szumowski reports that he travelled to Kiev in and then in to Warsaw and Cracow to figure out what the runes which were clearly visible on the spearhead meant. There was issued, apparently, a brief newspaper publication by a certain Kraszewski with whom Szumowski consulteddescribing the discovery but, other than that, nothing major happened and no one took up the story.

Szumowski hypothesized that the lack of interest in his discovery may have been caused by the then raging controversy around the so-called Mikorzyn Stones Germ. Mikorzyner Steine which came to light in and which featured runes.

After a few years of examination, many analysts concluded that these were fakes. So what Szumowski suggests is that the scientific world did not want to get burned by reveling in the discovery of yet another allegedly ancient runic artifact. He then notes that, after that initial disappointment, he was forced to actually give up possession of the spearhead.

Whether he pawned it off for money and then got it back is uncertain. At first, he wanted to publish the discovery of the runic spearhead in the Zeitschrift fuer Ethnologie in Berlin, a task which the Kiev Archeological Congress offered to help him with.

Szumowski began to correspond with the Danish runologist Wimmer who rejected the initial markings on the right side, read the writing right to left and concluded that the spear bore the name of the owner, namely, ARI[D]S.

Once it made its debut in Polish archeological literature, it came to the wider notice of German archeologists and a description was published in in volume 2 of the Materials for the Prehistory of Man in Eastern Europe Materialien zur Vorgeschichte des Menschen in ostlichen Europa published by Albin Cohn and Doctor Christian Mehlis.

It was from that publication that the most well-known pictures of the spearhead come from. The spearhead itself was kept in Warsaw after that until WWII when it was stolen by the Nazis and disappeared — at least for now.

mikorzyn writing a book

A few observations are in order: It is not at all clear what the writing on the spear says. All that assumes that these other letters are clear. There are several interesting symbols etched on the spear. Generally speaking, there is: But, of course, the Arabic or Hindu had not been introduced to Europe at that time yet — their first known Western use being in the Codex Vigilanus of the 10th century.

Before that the Indian number system has sticks for the number two like the Romans.Oct 02,  · How to Start Writing a Book: 9 Steps to Becoming an Author October 2, by Kasia Mikoluk Writing a book is one of the most challenging and rewarding things you will ever grupobittia.com: Kasia Mikoluk.

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