Mafia research paper

Most of the Mob was located and running their businesses out of New York.

Mafia research paper

The Mafia Essay, Research Paper The Mafia is a secret criminal organization that has great economic and political control over large parts of Sicilian society and operates both criminal and legitimate enterprises in the United States. It eventually evolved into a network of independent groups governing in rural areas.

With the Sicilian immigration of the late 19th century, the Mafia began to operate in several large United States cities. During the period of Prohibition it monopolized the trade in bootleg liquor and controlled loan sharking, gambling, and prostitution. Competing Mafia families established mutually recognized territories, reaching agreement by negotiation or by intimidation.

By the mid the Mafia had taken on the institutionalized structure that is now typical of organized crime in the United States. Sammy the Bull, lesser known as the infamous Salvatore Gravano, is the highest-ranking member of the Mafia ever to break his blood vow of silence and turn against his boss, Mafia giant John Gotti.

InGravano realized he was about to take the fall for Gotti, so he became a federal witness. His testimony eventually led to convictions of dozens of key Cosa Nostra figures, including Gotti, who is now serving a life sentence without parole.

Sammy the Bull is now living a new life under a new name; aware he could be murdered at any moment for what he had done. He still harbors bad feelings for his former associates in the Mafia for what he considers the corruption and betrayal of what he once believed to be a brotherhood of honor.

There was always the incredible possibility of violent death if you made one wrong move. Sammy Gravano, who grew up in Brooklyn, earned his nickname for his courage and refusal to be bullied, even by much larger, much older kids.

Gravano tells how the Mafia controlled the construction Mafia research paper in New York and describes the significant hits on such figures as Paul Castellano and more than a dozen other Mafioso, all of which were not solved until Gravano provided the needed information to law enforcement officials.

Gravano never believed that he would ever turn against his Mafia research paper and still refuses to blow the whistle on those who he considers his friends. When Gotti, however, took over as the mob boss and flaunted his newfound fame, courting the media, and endangering the future of their secret operations, he grew increasingly more disgusted.

Gotti turned into a self-obsessed, egomaniac. His own insistence on having a solid, powerful presence at a social club in Little Italy allowed surveillance teams from the Federal Bureau of Investigations FBI to identify the whole Gambino family and eventually led to its downfall.

Mafia research paper

In the book, Gravano says that he believes the Mafia is currently on unstable ground but that he also believes that Cosa Nostra could make its appearance again. After reading the story of Sammy the Bull, I felt I had read information that could be applied to some of the things I have learned this semester in Organized Crime.

You got medals for killing people there. I learned things reading the book that I might not have known otherwise. I learned that Gotti and Gravano masterminded and carried out the murder of Paul Castellano, that both were eventually indicted on murder, and that Sammy opted to rat on Gotti and served only five years.

Because of the way that the author tells the story, I felt as if I was actually in the secret parts of Cosa Nostra, almost as if I was being a witness to the power, greed, and deception of the inner workings of the Mafia.

It was exciting because, as with anything dealing with organized crime, the possibility of death was never really far away. It teaches about the workings of undercover operations and how undercover agents are often used in hidden operations.

In fact, criminal operations depend on concealing information about their operations; getting information is difficult. One of the most successful ways of deceiving members of such criminal operations is to get them to reveal how they operate through undercover operations, which is the way the FBI used Sammy Gravano to deceive the other members of his crime family.

Undercover work is important — as witnessed in this case — because it provides police with a special advantage that would not be available otherwise. Once inside the criminal operations, FBI officials can learn the role of the persons involved in criminal operations, can find out the locations where criminal discussions have taken place, and they can identify resources used by organized crime members.

More importantly, however, are informants.

Mafia research paper

In the case of Gambino family mob boss John Gotti — who was sentenced to life by federal court in New York City in — having an informant like Gravano was essential.

Gravano is a perfect example of the important role that an informant can play in the prosecution of organized crime cases that are highly publicized. In the beginning, Gravano was set to stand trail along with Gotti but struck a deal with prosecutors and faced a lesser charge. He became the highest-ranking man ever involved in organized crime to turn against his crime family and give evidence to the state.

An informant is any person who gives information in a criminal case but who is not a witness or victim in the same case.

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Informants can be concerned citizens or ruthless criminals but in many cases they seek some benefit from their testimony. In the case of Sammy Gravano, police used him as an informant to prosecute nearly a dozen others involved in the crime ring, and in turn police allowed Gravano to bargain for a lighter sentence.

It is the uses of informants who are attempting that get out from under a serious criminal charge that makes the most controversy. When there is no undercover police officer, an informant is used to get into the area where the crime is being committed.

In the case of Gravano, he was probably more accepted by the crime family because he was already a part of the underworld of the Mafia.

Research Papers words (3 pages) Essay on The Mafia - The Mafia The Mafia is a secret criminal organization that has great economic and political control over large parts of Sicilian society and operates both criminal and legitimate enterprises in . Research Highlights; An offer you can't refuse; August 14, An offer you can't refuse Did the Mafia exchange votes for construction contracts? Diana Schoder "Lucky Luciano", a Sicilian-born Mafia boss, is often called the father of modern organized crime in the US This is the first paper to empirically prove it. Mafia story film critique essay, mentor reflective essay introduction my railway journey essays future transportation essays law and justice essay a level research paper writing david grossman essay entitiled the human factors in war abofallen im internet beispiel essay, malcolm x dissertation.

But if a police officer had posed as a criminal, he might not have been accepted as easily or he could have risked his life had those involved found out.

These are just some of the ways that the stories about Gravano and about the book itself are relevant to the impact on Organized Crime itself. It is a perfect application of the information. The book, however, also applies to our class work.You are welcome to search thousands of free research papers and essays.

Search for your research paper topic now! Research paper example essay prompt: The Mafia - words.

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NOTE: The samle research paper or essay prompt you see on this page is a free essay, available to anyone. The Mafia Essay, Research Paper The Mafia is a secret criminal organization that has great economic and political control over large parts of Sicilian society and operates both criminal and legitimate enterprises in the United States.

Another well-respected author whom has devoted years of research on the Mexican Mafia is Richard Valdemar. Valdemar is a retired Sergeant from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Valdemar spent most of his 33 years on the job working with gangs. Dissertatio dissertationis first three minutes of an argumentative essay, othello essay words equals mid autumn festival chinese essay in chinese writing a scientific method research paper, quality over quantity essay writer logical statements and conclusions to essays radical politics today essay italian american mafia research paper truth.

Russian Mafia Essay, Research Paper & # ; The Russian Mafia dominates economic life in Russia, exercising control over cardinal economic sectors. & # ; This is the state of affairs that Russia is presently confronting, harmonizing to a survey on offense done by the Federal Bureau of .

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