Internet shop business plan philippines

This article is for you. Internet Cafe and pisonet are truly one of the most profitable business in the Philippines today.

Internet shop business plan philippines

With the advancement of technology, creating an ideal business in the philippines is one of the toughest choicest some would actually take.

Nonetheless, it is worth it, though knowing the pros and cons would contribute to its ideal system. Why Computer Shops or Internet Cafe?

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Computer shops are businesses that is massively in tune with the filipino culture. From business connection, networking, to dating foreigners or locals alike, to playing games such as LOL or DOTA; computer shops and internet cafes offered their service to provide connections that many people benefited from.

Back in where internet Cafe was rich in my town here in the Philippines, it became the central spot of communication to OFWs with their families.

Then come by where online games and online video chat became a hype after internet shop business plan philippines adoption of DSL broadband connections.

Those upgrades created lucrative businesses in the Philippines, and in my ebook, I even have a fellow expat that manages to make a living by creating an internet shop business.

You will then see a boom of computer shops that even on this day, still reflects or somewhat of its success on the glory days of internet cafes and computer shops. The thing is… is it still profitable at the present? I am not saying they are not lucrative business I would not have it here in the articles if it is.

When DSL became popular on those days, students or even adults travel from a distant town to the nearest comshop whenever their duties or works are done within the day.

Pisonet Business Plan

I know and I did it too! However, at this present time, that is not the case anymore and here is why. Because with the advance of technology, people here in the philippines can now manage to own their own computers or laptops.

The same with workers or your average person. Plus, the masses can now own a cheaper or affordable device that could do what a computer does, though, may not be a laptop- cellphones are by now, is the hype. So how to profit in computer shops based on Location or Demographics: Well, to each its own experience.

But as for my experience, this business is best established at nearby schools. Malls, offices, or other commercial places are not suitable anymore for this business due to the fact that your potential customers can bring THEIR OWN devices with internet or gaming capability.

On note about remote provinces, or locations where technology might be a bit low, then this business might shine through as long as you have a reliable internet connection which is kind of ironic knowing the place is remote.

For demographic data basis, I have researched that middle class families or even families who live in a lower financial standard would actually opt for the computer shop service rather than owning their own device or internet.

Age plays a major part for this too, as children or teenagers would likely go out and go to a computer shop rather than stay in the house in the Philippines Teenagers here have a a pattern with their rebellious age: Starting this type of business would require a good amount of capital depending for the number of computers to be put up.

For a 15 computer setup, I think around , thousand php will work. As for certificates and permits, you usually could just get by with a baranggay permit or a local permit but if you would establish this in a commercial space which I told you not to anymorethen proper business permits are required so pick your choice.

But for me, this article is about how you create you computer shop or internet cafe business with the most minimal financial burden or process. Some of the expenses to take note:"Computer Shop / Internet Cafe Complete Business Package", Pasay City, Philippines. 2, likes · 26 talking about this · 2 were here.

Business Service. Pisonet Business (Internet Cafe Business Plan) February 29, By Louren 26 Comments This pisonet business has been around for couple of years now in the Philippines. "Computer Shop / Internet Cafe Complete Business Package", Pasay City, Philippines.

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Business Service. Here's a huge list of small business ideas in the Philippines to help you in your decision making process.

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times a year. i plan to wholesale used stuff from u.s. to philippines to small business owners like you. probably you would want to start small and grow it.

internet shop business plan philippines

just like you i would just be starting this opportunity if there is a need for it. let me know as i could start you with what i have right now. thank you!

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