How to write about yourself example

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How to write about yourself example

Do you ever write about yourself? And when you read your draft, do you wonder … What will people think of me? Am I making a fool of myself? Is this too embarrassing? Am I undermining my professional image? I ask myself all those questions, too. I find it easier to write about blogging techniques than share personal stories.

Sharing personal stories guzzles up twice as much energy, perhaps even more. We become easily interchangeable with other bloggers sharing similar tips, and our voices get drowned out in a sea of me-too content.

To truly engage readers, we have to show them who we are. How else can we differentiate ourselves from the hundreds of providers competing for the same clients? As Lane Schneider commented earlier this month: Because you are REAL. This intertwining of the professional and personal shows us how we can write about ourselves while maintaining a professional image.

Want to know the three key lessons? I fell in love with his face, his body, his mind, his poetry, everything about him. He would often bring me just-written poems, and I would give him some of my physiology essays in return. Sacks is a shy person, but sometimes his enthusiasm overtakes, like here: I almost never speak to people in the street.

But some years ago, there was a lunar eclipse, and I went outside to view it with my little 20x telescope. At which moments do you feel most alive? When do you feel happiest? What work excites you?

how to write about yourself example

Be honest, but set your own boundaries Sacks writes with integrity, sharing both successes and failures. He shares several blunders from his early career in academic research. For instance, he loses all his notes of 9 months of experiments as he fails to fasten his notebook with the elastic bands on his bike rack.

His bosses recommend a clinical career: A meeting was convened: Sacks is also honest about his own insecurities: I was excited—and amazed—to find myself a doctor, to have made it finally I never thought I would, and sometimes even now, in my dreams, I am still stuck in an eternal studenthood.

I was excited, but I was terrified too. I felt sure I would do everything wrong, make a fool of myself, be seen as an incurable, even dangerous bungler. After that sweet birthday fling, I was to have no sex for the next 35 years.

And find your own balance between professional tips and personal anecdotes. Observe your own life When you write about yourself, you need to step back sometimes: What did you learn from this experience? Why did you behave in a certain way?

Which feelings were guiding you? For instance, Sacks comments on his weight lifting: I sometimes wonder why I pushed myself so relentlessly in weight lifting.

how to write about yourself example

My motive, I think, was not an uncommon one; I was not the ninety-eight-pound weakling of bodybuilding advertisements, but I was timid, diffident, insecure, submissive.

I became strong—very strong—with all my weight lifting but found that this did nothing for my character, which remained exactly the same.

And he writes about the challenges of starting a relationship after a lifetime of solitude: There have to be deep, mutual adaptations.Slick Write is a powerful, FREE application that makes it easy to check your writing for grammar errors, potential stylistic mistakes, and other features of interest.

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Check out these 3 tips from a bestselling author on how to write about yourself with integrity and without undermining your professional image. Format for a Friendly or Personal Letter The following picture shows what a one-page friendly or personal letter should look like. The horizontal lines represent lines of type.

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