High speed shorthand writing abbreviations

Shorthand was a skill in demand in offices during the 's to the 's, as it was a rapid way for a stenographer or a secretary to take a dictation from her boss and then transform her notes into a typed letter. Easy Script is a company that specializes in their own technique and method of shorthand, allowing users to write twice as fast as they do in longhand.

High speed shorthand writing abbreviations

high speed shorthand writing abbreviations

What does High Speed mean? This game was based on Ritchie's real-life police chase inside a Porsche He was finally caught in Lodi, California on Interstate 5 and accused of speeding at mph. During its design, High Speed was jokingly called "High Cost" by some rival Williams designers due to its then-high production cost.

The advances in the mechanical design that went into High Speed, coupled with the machine's popularity, led to many machines being kept in service much longer than was previously the norm.

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The play surfaces of the machine were not initially given as much attention, leading to many High Speed machines seeing service to this day in extremely worn condition. Williams rapidly addressed this issue by making mylar playfield covers available and later adding hard clear paint coats to their playfields.

Canadian specialist Classic Playfield Reproductions is currently working on an officially licensed High Speed color Reproduction Playfield, which is due for release in Couldn't find the full form or full meaning of High Speed?

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high speed shorthand writing abbreviations

This is the edition of Gregg shorthand, with more brief forms and abbreviating principles than later editions. Later came "Gregg Shorthand Simplified" () and "Diamond Jubilee" ( I believe).

Gregg shorthand is a system of phonography, or a phonetic writing system, which means it records the sounds of the speaker, not the English spelling. It uses the f stroke for the / f / sound in funnel, telephone, and laugh.

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All silent letters are omitted. The image on the right shows the strokes of Gregg Shorthand Simplified. The system is written . Mural from the Exhibition “SPOKEN WORDS FLY AWAY, WRITTEN WORDS REMAIN " variety of specific words and expressions usedin teaching/learning shorthand writing, - But for the attainment of high reporting speed much manual facility is indispensable.


Speedwriting Overview. Various systems of speed writing based on alphabetic characters have been introduced over the last 50 years.

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Among common flaws of these speedwriting systems are limited vocabulary and abbreviations which aren't logical. One of the most common concerns I hear from therapists is that they are having trouble staying on top of their notes.

This is a big concern and the problem can get out of hand very quickly.. That's why my approach to helping counselors catch up on progress notes consists of two things.