Essays on the birds by hitchcock

It is thought of by many as 'genre-defining' and it certainly introduced many of the popular horror conventions used by filmmakers today.

Essays on the birds by hitchcock

This section contains words approx. The short story and the movie of "The Birds" are extremely different. The book was written by Daphne DuMorier, while the movie was produced and written by Alfred Hitchcock.

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This alone is difference enough to demand attention. Like most movies that are based on books, the movie does not follow the book very much at all. I believe that the short story and the movie of "The Birds" are extremely different. Although there are some similarities, the differences outweigh them.

In this paper, I will discuss the similarities and differences in the works.

Essays on the birds by hitchcock

In conclusion, like most movies that are based on books, the movie does not follow the book very much at all. The similarities of the book and the movie, while small, are still worth mentioning. The first and foremost similarity is that the basic plot is birds going wild and attacking. Another similarity is the use of boarding up doors and windows to repel the attack.

Yet another similarity is that someone is found dead at a farm, with eyes pecked out. The last similarity I saw was the use of a car to transport people from one place to another. As you can see, there are not very many similarities at all. The differences, however, are numerous.

The first obvious difference is the setting. The place has moved from a small country town in England to a bustling city in California.

Also, the book takes place about 20 years before the movie does. Another difference is that the main character in the movie is female, where in the book it was male.

There are too many differences in the events of the plot to list, but I will outline a few. First is the attack of the birthday party, which didn't happen in the book.

Another is the attack on the gas station and the following scenes. One final major difference was the school attack. In conclusion, although there were many differences between the works, there were also a few similarities.

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