Essay on corn ethanol

Use an editor to spell check essay. Ethanol is a renewable, alcohol biofuel, which can be used as an alternative to reduce dependence on oil, and toxic emissions from gas.

Essay on corn ethanol

More Essay Examples on Chemistry Rubric Still, this is not to suggest that ethanol is without criticism or controversy. The production of its feedstock is quite the subject of controversy.

Grunwald notes that expanding ethanol production results in the diversion of existing lands devoted to grain-based agriculture from food supply and towards the production of fuel. Joseph Fargione and Timothy Searchinger have separately presented research showing that the mere conversion of lands towards the production of ethanol feedstock results in carbon costs that could take years to pay back.

Essay on corn ethanol

Mazza, Environmental journalists Richard Manning and Mindy Lubber report that this is consistent with past booms in the expansion of industrial agriculture, where massive wheat and corn farming turned much of the American Midwest into a dust bowl for several decades.

Instead they necessitate the careful consideration of how to develop appropriate industrial policy in order to expedite a better ethanol industry.

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As such, the impacts of land use and the cannibalization of the food supply can be evaded largely through identifying new feedstocks for the ethanol industry. This is where cellulosic ethanol comes in.

Because cellulose is found in practically all plant matter, the principle of cellulosic ethanol is to harness fuel from plant based detritus such as sugar cane bagasse, old newspapers and straw. Researchers are developing market-ready ways to convert cellulose into the simple molecules from which ethanol can be distilled.

What this means is that it is possible to produce ethanol without using food-plants, but without taking over existing agricultural fields. Ratliff, But most importantly, ethanol promises to be beneficial to industrialized nations because it permits them the opportunity to wean themselves off of dependence on oil producing nations.

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As one security director notes, dependence on Middle East nations for oil supply poses a threat to national security, which has more to do with the strained relationship between the United States with the Muslim world than it does with the ostensible political instability of its nations.

As such, oil dependency constitutes a political liability. Parmley, Simply put, by turning industry to ethanol they can eliminate the foreign policy compromises that come from dependence, the health impacts and security risks of a degraded environment, and ultimately stake a claim in a brighter greener world.

Retrieved online on August 3, from: How Agriculture Has Hijacked Civilization. Retrieved August 3, from:Ethanol is considered a renewable energy resource; as it is derived from crops such as: corn, sugarcane, beets, as well as, other organic materials.

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The use of ethanol could decrease our dependence on ever depleting supplies of fossil fuels ; such as oil. Allison Windham (’13) *This essay is the first installment of a Point-Counterpoint on Ethanol.

Just a few years ago, an outsider observing the U.S. never would have known that the world was running out of petroleum; Hummers roamed the highways, $ per gallon of gasoline was unheard of, and optimism abounded about a potential new source of fuel: corn-based ethanol. Ethanol production Instructions to each student: An Introduction page Document the workings and answers to the questions.

from cellulosic agricultural residues such as bagasse and corn stalks, and from wood and wood by-products.

Essay on corn ethanol

Political Science Do My Essay and Custom Essay Essay Writers + Buy an Essay Essay Writing Service and Essay. Ethanol fuel is ethanol (ethyl alcohol). Ethanol, also called ethyl alcohol, pure alcohol, grain alcohol, or drinking alcohol, is a volatile, flammable, colorless liquid.

Next Generation Biofuel Crops Positive Net Energy Balance - Corn-based ethanol has a positive net energy balance of 1. With these credits, for things such as DDGS, corn-based ethanol has a positive net energy balance of 1.

A psychoactive drug and one of the oldestrecreational drugs known, ethyl alcohol produces a state known as . This study investigates three related issues on U.S. corn-based fuel ethanol markets. The primary objectives involve measuring economic consequences of relaxating the blend wall, building a theoretical framework for the inter-linkage between the fuel and food markets, analyzing the fuel vs.

food literature, methodologies and policies for the food before fuel nexus, and addressing the food. Ethanol’s impact on fuel economy is dependent on the ethanol content in the fuel and whether an engine is optimized to run on gasoline or ethanol.

Ethanol Energy Balance In the United States, 95% of ethanol is produced from the starch in corn grain.

The Corn Ethanol Industry Essay