E-waste business plan ppt

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E-waste business plan ppt

The objective of Lean Thinking is to eliminate everything that does not add value from the customer's eyes. This management philosophy was coined "Lean" only in the s. The objective of Lean Thinking is to eliminate everything that does not add value i.

The general approach to Lean is learn-by-doing and to foster a culture of continuous improvement. In a Lean organization, we develop a value stream for each service family, make the product or service flow, and then continuously improve our process as we manage towards perfection.

To achieve this goal of managing to perfection, there is a vast range of Lean techniques and tools available, which have been established and tested with numerous case studies.

The Lean Enterprise system is built on 2 primary pillars: Delivering only what is needed, when it is needed, and in the amount needed. The ability to stop the e-waste business plan ppt in the event of problems, e.

Jidoka helps prevent the passing of defects, helps identify and correct problem areas. There are numerous business and organizational benefits to adopting a Lean organization.

Some of these benefits include improve customer satisfaction both internal and externalimprove qualify of products or services, improved employee productivity, reduced paperwork, reduced employee stress, and more engaged employees.


Waste A couple key concepts in Lean Thinking are that of "value" and "waste. Value-added activities increase the form or function of the product or service.

They are activities the client or customer is willing to pay for. On the other hand, non-value activities do not add form or function or are not necessary. They do not benefit the client or customer. They are things that are not necessary to run the department. These activities, in Lean terms, are called waste.

Learn to eliminate everything that does not add value in the customer's eyes. The goal of Lean is to eliminate this waste. In fact, Lean Management can be defined as a systemic method for the elimination of waste within a business process.

Waste can be categorized into 8 types: Producing more than what the customer needs. Examples include Creating reports that no one needs or making extra copies, exceeding scope of agreement, purchasing items before they areneeded e.

Reprocessing or correcting work. Examples include data entry errors, poor process controls, incorrect schedules and information, etc. Moving product from one place to another. Examples include e-mails waiting to be read, business documents waiting to be worked on, too many office supplies, etc.

Adding excess value when the customer does not require it. Examples include repeated manual entry of data, excessive documentation, multiple formats for the same information, etc. Not using employees full intellectual contribution.

e-waste business plan ppt

Examples include not engaging or listening to employees in finding solutions, lack of best practice sharing, mismatched work functions with skill sets, etc. Laying off employees by the bus load Offshoring or outsourcing Delivering less or working harder Being mean to people Automation or implementing an IT system Narrow focus on unit cost management Just another set of "extracurricular activities" To better understand how Lean differs from conventional management philosophy, let's look at several examples comparing these schools of thought.TM4 Supplies Its Electric Motor and Inverter for New Generation FCvelocity-HD7 Module for Fuel Cell.

Drinking water, your health, paint, waste management, working with or around lead. EM is dedicated to safely disposing of waste and seeks cost effective and environmentally responsible project execution methods.

EM's waste management mission involves planning and optimizing tank waste processing and nuclear materials, including spent nuclear fuel. Country Status of E-waste: Country Status of E-waste No inventory has been made to assess the extent of E- waste problem Bangladesh.

Total number of PCs, TVs and Refrigerators in the year 2 was ,, 1,, and 2,, respectively. The CLEAN e-INDIA Initiative, launched by Attero, aims to establish an integrated eWaste Consumer Take Back Program to help ensure organized collection, management and recycling of electronic waste in a responsible and sustainable manner.

In this article we will tell you about e-waste disposal methods in US. Methods are given below. Can you imagine this year one out of every three Americans will discard their old cell phone to purchase the latest version of mobile phone?

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