Cursive writing alphabet display banner

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Cursive writing alphabet display banner

History[ edit ] Figure 1: Signature of the Baal Shem Tov some time in the s, written in the cursive Hebrew script. The brief inscriptions daubed in red ink upon the walls of the catacombs of Venosa are probably the oldest examples of cursive script.

Still longer texts in a cursive alphabet are furnished by the clay bowls found in Babylonia and bearing exorcisms against magical influences and evil spirits.

These bowls date from the 7th or 8th century, and some of the letters are written in a form that is very antiquated Figure 3, column 1.

cursive writing alphabet display banner

Somewhat less of a cursive nature is the manuscript, which dates from the 8th century. The differences visible in the square alphabets are much more apparent.

For instance, the Sephardi rounds off still more, and, as in Arabicthere is a tendency to run the lower lines to the left, whereas the Ashkenazi script appears cramped and disjointed. Instead of the little ornaments at the upper ends of the stems, in the letters a more or less weak flourish of the line appears.

For the rest the cursive of the Codices remains fairly true to the square text.

The end of cursive writing in schools?

However, since the preservation of such letters were not held to be of importance, material of this nature from the earlier times is very scarce, and as a consequence the development of the script is very hard to follow.

The last two columns of Figure 3 exhibit the Ashkenazi cursive script of a later date. The next to the last is taken from a manuscript of Elias Levita. The accompanying specimen presents Sephardi script. In this flowing cursive alphabet the ligatures appear more often.

The following are the successive stages in the development of each letter: Alef is separated into two parts, the first being written asand the perpendicular stroke placed at the left. It received also an abbreviated form connected with the favorite old ligatureand it is to this ligature of Alef and Lamed that the contracted Oriental Aleph owes its origin Figure 3, column 7.

In writing Betthe lower part necessitated an interruption, and to overcome this obstacle it was madeand, with the total omission of the whole lower line. In Gimelthe left-hand stroke is lengthened more and more. A transformation very similar to this took place in the cases of final Kaf and of Qof see columns 2, 5, 11, 14except that Kaf opened out a trifle more than Qof.

The lower part of Zayin was bent sharply to the right and received a little hook at the bottom. Lamed gradually lost its semicircle until as in both Nabataean and Syriac by the turn of the 20th century, it became a simple stroke, which was bent sharply toward the right.

In the modern script today the Lamed has regained its semicircle. Final Mem branches out at the bottom, and in its latest stage is drawn out either to the left or straight down.

In Samekh the same development also took place, but it afterward became again a simple circle. To write ' Ayin without removing the pen from the surface, its two strokes were joined with a curl. The two forms of the letter Pe spread out in a marked flourish. For Tsadi the right-hand head is made longer, at first only to a small degree, but later on to a considerable extent.

In the beginning Shin develops similarly to the same letter in Nabataean, but afterward the central stroke is lengthened upward, like the right arm of Tsadi, and finally it is joined with the left stroke, and the first stroke is left off altogether.I'll have to be careful which typefaces I use and how I display them.

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