Case 1 lg vs samsung

The main factor that makes the picture displayed on their screen look excellent is about their infinite native contrast ratio. Combined to their excellent black uniformity, this certainly makes details in dark scene looks excellent, especially when set in a dark room where the effect of high native contrast ratio is highly noticeable. This makes their dark room performance is excellent, allow you to enjoy movies with excellent picture quality in your pitch black home cinema. Additionally, since both of them have perfect black level, this certainly also makes shadow details of HDR image displayed on their screen looks excellent like what intended.

Case 1 lg vs samsung

Weight Tipping the scales at over g, the iPhone 8 Plus is the clear heavyweight champion of the year. For reference, a nickel weighs 5 g, so the difference between that and the lightest phone on the list, the Google Pixel 2, is about the equivalent of carrying around 12 of the coins.

Colors Fancy names aside, most of these phones come in muted tones of black, silver and gray. If you want a splash of color, some makers offer gold, blue and red choices too — although you can always just wrap it in a case if you want a different look anyway.

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For the iPhones and the V30, the choice was apparently made to allow for wireless charging, while HTC has basically said it just wanted to make the U11 look prettier. Samsung's phones have been glass front-and-back for years now, while Google and OnePlus have stuck with a sturdier aluminum backing.

Case 1 lg vs samsung

Water resistance With the sole exception of the OnePlus 5T, all the major phones can repel water and dust effectively. An IP67 rating means the device is dust-tight and can be immersed in water up to 1 m deep for 30 minutes, while IP68 extends that to a depth of 1.

In practical terms, we wouldn't recommend swimming with any of these phones in your pocket, but they should bounce back from the odd splash of water or a quick accidental dunk. Display size Despite their disparate physical sizes, the phones' displays all hover around 5.

But hey, it's what you do with it that really matters, right? Screen-to-body ratio was the year that smartphone makers decided bezels weren't cool anymore, so most of the flagships squeeze more screen onto the front than ever. Samsung's latest Galaxy phones make the best use of space, with screens that wrap around the sides.

Not far behind is the iPhone X, with only a black bar along the top that houses the TrueDepth camera. The V30 and OnePlus 5T do a good job of stretching out their screens too, but the bulky frames around both iPhone 8 models, the Pixel 2 phones and the U11 are starting to look a little dated.

Display Resolution For high-end phones, a Full HD resolution of x is usually the minimum, and most go beyond that. The base model iPhone 8 is the only phone on this list to fall short of that bar, while the 8 Plus and the Pixel 2 just meet it. Still, you might not notice as much since Apple usually employs other tricks to keep its displays looking sharp.

They all look pretty schmick, but the highest-resolution screens can be found on Samsung's phones, the Pixel 2 XL and the multimedia-focused V Neither is clearly better than the other, so it comes down to individual implementation and tastes.

Biometrics Fingerprint scanners are the norm nowadays, with only the iPhone X ditching it in favor of its new "FaceID" system.

Samsung, LG and OnePlus manage to offer both, although Apple's facial recognition tech appears to be more advanced and less easily-fooled.

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The Galaxy phones can also be "unlocked with a look" thanks to their iris scanners, while the V30 can recognize its owner's voice. The rest of the list are all running on Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor.

The iPhones are relatively modest in the RAM department, but keeping tight control over the operating system means Apple can wring better performance out of lower specs. Onboard storage You can expect a decent 64 GB of storage space no matter which phone you pick up, and with most you can double that for a price.

In the case of the iPhones, Apple gives the option for an almost unparalleled GB. Battery In terms of battery capacity, the phones on this list all hover around the 3, mAh mark. Still, in practical terms, you'll likely get a whole day's use on a full charge from all of these devices — at least at first.

Ports Last year Apple infamously nixed the industry-standard 3. Fast charging The ability to quickly top up your phone's battery is common to all the phones on this list, but while it's standard out-of-the-box on the Android devices, you'll need to buy a separate accessory to do so on the iPhones.

Wireless charging Wireless charging is becoming more widespread, but you'll have to buy a charging pad separately. Until a phone can be charged from a distance while you're using it, the feature is far from necessary. Cameras There's more to a camera than its megapixel count of course, but it's a good place to start.

The two Galaxies, iPhone 8s and Pixel 2s are all very similar in that regard, while the HTC U11 packs a far higher resolution into its selfie cam. The iPhone X's front-facing camera is equipped with a depth-sensor, allowing it to scan a user's face in three dimensions for better security and emoji-puppeteering.

Rear camera aperture A camera's maximum aperture value describes how much light can reach the image sensor — the smaller the f-number, the more light it lets in.LG G6 vs LG V Can LG’s latest flagship trump the last year’s Android powerhouse titan, the LG V20?

Read on to find out. The LG G6 is finally official, and we’re impressed so far. It’s. Samsung has revealed its new flagship phones, the Galaxy S9 and S9+, with the most radical upgrades thrown towards the camera.

So just how well do the Galaxy S9 and S9+ stack up against the iPhone. LG OLED E7 (E7P) is part of LG’s OLED TV lineup while OLED E6 (E6P) is the predecessor, a part of LG’s 4K HDR TV lineup.

Case 1 lg vs samsung

As a newer series, OLED E7 certainly comes with some improvement and update that makes its performance is better than OLED E6. OLED E6 certainly has been discontinued by the manufacturer, but in the market there are some merchants that still sell it, mostly .


Samsung MU is a part of Samsung’s Premium UHD TV lineup while Samsung KS is a part of Samsung’s SUHD TV lineup. In the market, MU is available on the number of screen sizes including 49 Inch (UN49MU), 55 Inch (UN55MU), 65 Inch .

Dell electronics and accessories page has customer reviews, hot deals-of-the-day and popular categories to help quickly locate the right products. LG OR SAMSUNG LED TV,WHICH IS BETTER Top 47 LED/Smart TV [Full/Ready/Ultra HD] "Inch Wise" 1.

LG use IPS panel which is much superior compared to PVA panels used by Samsung & Sony. 2. PVA panel category has many sub-variants that differ in picture.

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