Bottled water business plan in nigeria coat

How can I find plastic bottles for recycling? There are various channels to acquire plastic bottles: Usually, they are paid 20 Naira per kilogram for everything they deliver for the day.

Bottled water business plan in nigeria coat

The bottled water industry which was hitherto controlled by very few players has, today, attracted many more players, including giants in soft drink and pharmaceutical industries.

Preparations are in top gear among the food and beverage industries to start production of the commodity. The industry has now created employment opportunities for both those who work in the factories and retailers, especially road side hawkers. There is hardly any manufacturing company in the country especially those into manufacturing of edible items, which does not include production of bottled water in its future plan.

The result of this sudden upsurge in the number of bottled water manufacturers is competition to the extent that there is now fears that producers who failed to brand their products properly will risk the danger of extinction very soon due to activities of adulterators.

Survey by Business Champion into the bottled water market revealed that over brands of bottled water are now in circulation, in the country. They are conspicuously displayed in street shops, market places, supermarkets and are mainly sold by hawkers.

Most of them are packaged in 25cl sachets, cl bottles 0. The brands are so numerous that consumers are often confused about which brand to give their loyalty to, even as adulterators and 'fakers' are busy making impressive sales by filling the empty bottles of very popular brands with ordinary water and sell them at the price of the original products.

The act, according to Business champion findings, is more common among traffic bottled water hawkers. But according to manufacturers of EVA table water, a refilled bottled water is easily identified by any careful consumer through simple pressing of the bottle.

If the pressed portion goes inside it means the water is fake and a refilled one.

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But if it remains stiff and fails to go inside it means it is an original bottled water which has been filled by the manufacturers, using their machine to decongest air inside the bottle.

These new entrants into the bottled water business and adulterators are so active in positioning their products that even the pioneers of the business can no longer find their feet in the market.

Most of them who spoke to Business Champion confessed that they have lost substantial part of their market share to adulterators. Business Champion discovered that while most of these bottled water brands are of good quality standard and are approved by NAFDAC and WHO some are not, even as sources of water for some brands are of very poor quality.

It was also discovered that some manufacturers source their water from pure natural spring source, some from Borehole while others source theirs from wells. Its treatment process employs first class filtration and Ozonization thus presenting the natural minerals unaltered. The brands' other attribute, according to UAC authorities, include bottled in polyethylene terephthalate bottles which carry a distinctive and esthetically appealing label design it exists in cl, 0.

Vina Table water according to the manufacturers - Banex Group is sourced from a standard borehole constructed well beyond the acquifer layer of the factory location. The raw water is thereafter subjected to series of chemical and physical treatment processed under a good manufacturing practice to produce a wholesome potable water that meets the World Health Organisation and NAFDAC standards.

bottled water business plan in nigeria coat

Its production process according to the manufacturers include Ozonization in addition to the six unit ultra-violet Ur disinfection device, its production is supervised by Rima-France Banex Group of Companies technical partners.

Bien table water according to its manufacturers Pharma Deko Plc is sourced from a deep natural source purified through the process of filtration and sterilization to meet international standards. The source of Ragolis Spring water according to its makers Ragolis Water Limited would be traced geo-physically, hydro-chemically and microbiologically to ascertain that it is the same as the aquifer that oozes out from its original source the Ekunrere.Getting Started in the Bottled Water Business: Licensing & Labeling This is the last of a series of three articles covering Bottled Water Testing, Source Development, and Licensing and Labeling The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates bottled water.

Oct 09,  · The BOTTLED WATER BUSINESS PLAN is a comprehensive bottled water production business plan that will assist you with all the needed ideas and plans to start a successful bottled water . Name. The official name of the territory is still simply the "Virgin Islands", but the prefix "British" is often used.

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This is commonly believed to distinguish it from the neighbouring American territory which changed its name from the "Danish West Indies" to "Virgin Islands of the United States" in However, local historians have disputed this, pointing to a variety of publications and.

Pure Water/Bottled & Satchet Water Business Plan In Nigeria PDF – Sample Template. START UP CAPITAL REQUIREMENT for Pure Water Business Plan In Nigeria. The start up requirement for sachet water and bottle water production business in Nigeria depends on the scale you want to start with.

bottled water business plan in nigeria coat

WATER QUALITY AND BUSINESS ASPECTS OF SACHET-VENDED WATER IN TAMALE, GHANA By Teshamulwa Okioga Submitted to the Department of Civil and . bottled water company business plan sample Developing a bottled water production business plan and starting the business come with its own challenges.

Among the challenges usually encountered by entrepreneurs is difficulty in writing a comprehensive business plan.

Getting Started in the Bottled Water Business: Licensing & Labeling | Water Quality Products