An in depth review of kao corporation in the fast moving consumer product industry

While emerging markets slowed, there were only limited signs of recovery in Europe and the US, with little improvement in either consumer confidence or unemployment. This is the thinking behind the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan USLP and our vision to double the size of the business while reducing our environmental footprint and increasing our positive social impact.

An in depth review of kao corporation in the fast moving consumer product industry

First of all we will take a brief look at how the industry started in the late 19th century as soap making companies and slowly evolving into some of the most successful multidomestic company of today.

Following we will have insight on the industry's prominent characteristics and highlight some of the major players. We will also get an idea of the attractiveness of the industry through the use of Porter's 5 forces industrial analysis.

Included in this project is an in-depth review of Kao Corporation, Japan. Kao Corporation is one of the major players in the industry. Here we will take a look at how the Japanese based company employs strategies to reduce cost and at the same time differentiate its product from its competitors to gain competitive advantage.

We will also examine some of the key financial ratios to aid us in identifying some of the company's strength and weaknesses. Then a SWOT analysis is carried out on the company. From the SWOT analysis we can formulate suitable strategies in order to improve the performance of the company.

By closely examining the company's internal environment to better understand the company's capabilities and limitations and then analysing the changes in the external environment that could affect the company favourably or adversely, appropriate strategies can be formed in order to ensure high performance of the company.

Then finally we will look at other possible recommendation, which I believe would help improve the company's performance in the competitive fast moving consumer products industry. The product line of Fast Moving Consumer Products encompasses a wide range of products such as shampoo, body foam and facial wash.

These products are classified as fast moving due to the nature of its usage and durability.

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While shampoos are non-perishables, the consumer would eventually finish utilizing it and would require to purchase another bottle of shampoo. Therefore, unlike products like television and radios which consumers would only buy once in a blue moon, Fast Moving Consumer Products are bought constantly from time to time by consumers.

Many of the major players today started of as a soap making company. Colgate Palmolive began in as soap maker in New York City. Back then, there were not much innovation in the products. Soap was soap, everybody used the same soap but today due to the vast advancement in technology and the ever-changing consumer needs.

An in depth review of kao corporation in the fast moving consumer product industry

It has expanded its product lines into shampoo, body foam and many others. The industry underwent much evolution, not only in terms of product innovations but also production methods. As technology advanced, the trends in manufacturing changed as well. In thethe trend of manufacturing moved towards mass production.

This is to enable the lowering of cost and the enlargement of market reach. Mass production is still being practiced.

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Some time in the s, manufacturing began to under take a more lean approach. This is whereby products were given more emphasis and were made possible through research and development.

Quality improvement was facilitated by technological advancements. By implementing Just in Time systems, greater cost efficiency were attainable. As time progressed on, companies found that their respective domestic markets were becoming saturated and that many Big Emerging Markets were spawning across the globe.

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These New Big Emerging Markets opened many doors of opportunity for companies to go global. As such begin the trend of globalizations.

As such began the trend of globalization.Packaging in fast-moving consumer goods industry accounts for a large revenue share of material cost associated with development of finished products. This has led global leaders in the market to develop innovative packaging .

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The "Kao Way" embodies our corporate philosophy and is the foundation of our business activities. It provides consistency, from the formulation of business plans to each decision that we make, every day. It acts as a guiding principle for all of our members, bringing together the growth of our company and that of individuals.

In this way, the Kao consumer service center is the most consumer-conscious division, responding not only to each consumer's inquiries, but also communicating interactively with consumers and taking the responsibility to promote consumer-driven products. An Industry and Competitive Analysis of the Economic Traits of the Beer Industry An In-depth Review of Kao Corporation in the Fast Moving Consumer Product Industry.

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Executive Summary In this project, I have chosen the Fast Moving Consumer Product industry as the topic of study. First of all we will take a brief look at how the industry started in the late 19th century as soap making companies and slowly evolving into some .

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