An analysis of the topic of the bureau of labor statistics in the united states

Most of those lost jobs were high-wage positions in manufacturing industries. NAFTA is a free trade and investment agreement that provided investors with a unique set of guarantees designed to stimulate foreign direct investment and the movement of factories within the hemisphere, especially from the United States to Canada and Mexico. Furthermore, no protections were contained in the core of the agreement to maintain labor or environmental standards.

An analysis of the topic of the bureau of labor statistics in the united states

As a result the middle America blue-collar workers have not had wage gains keeping up with inflation for over 30 years…. Then came the era of Trump. Within the overall discussion we walked through the anticipated changes possible if A. Trump won the election, and B.

We discussed the new dimension that would occur between two economic engines Main Street -vs- Wall Street as three decades of policy shifted. CTH outlined statistical and measurable KPIs that would become visible in the space between the policy shifts. Part of those discussions focused on energy costs, product costs we explained how inflation would be weirdand importantly, wage rates.

An analysis of the topic of the bureau of labor statistics in the united states

It takes several months of policy emphasis actual outcomesbefore the labor market wage rates would grow. We anticipated seeing that policy impact in Q2 ofwhich was April-June At the end of the second quarter we shared the opinion that it was only the beginning of what was to come.

Well, overall wage rate growth in Q3 has now climbed to 3. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.

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Additionally, wages are increasing faster than inflation which specifically relates back to our analysis on the new dimension of MAGAnomics. As the wage rate increases, and as the economy expands, the governmental dependency model is reshaped and simultaneously receipts to the U. There are more than seven million job openings.

More money into the U. You gain a dollar, and have no need to spend a dollar — the saved sum is doubled. Everything revolves around growth. As the GDP of the U. We stop thinking about how to best divide a limited economic pie, and begin thinking about how many more economic pies we can create.

The investing class economy, ie. Back in January Deutsche Bank began thinking about it, applying new models, trying to conceptualize and quantify MAGAnomics, and trying to walk out the potential ramifications. They began talking about Trump doubling the U.

GDP growth rate when all U. They simply have no understanding of what happens within the new dimension. Monetary policy, Fed control over the economy, is disconnected and will stay that way for approximately another months, until Main Street regains full operational strength —and— economic parity is achieved.

As we have continued to shareCTH believes the paycheck-to-paycheck working middle-class are going to see a considerable rise in wages and standard of living.

How high can wages rise? Remember, as wages and benefits increase — millions of people are coming back into the labor market to take advantage of the income opportunities.

An analysis of the topic of the bureau of labor statistics in the united states

The statistics on the invisible workforce varies, but there are millions of people taking on new jobs in this economy and the participation rate is growing.Preliminary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that in , percent of women aged 16 and older in the nation’s civilian, noninstitutionalized population were unemployed, compared with percent of men (U.S.

Bureau of Labor Statistics d). Nov 09,  · Because the NASS Farm Labor Survey no longer tracks the employment of farm labor contract workers, we use other sources of data to monitor current employment trends.

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), total wage and salary employment in crops, livestock, and related support activities, including all occupations in these.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is the principal fact-finding agency for the Federal Government in the broad field of labor economics and statistics. The BLS is an independent national statistical agency that collects, processes, analyzes, and disseminates essential statistical data to the American public, the U.S.

Congress, other Federal. This Research Note groups key findings into four topic areas: 1) the number of artists and the sponsored by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, shows that between and , the artist labor force increased by 5 percent.

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National Endowment for the Arts. 1. Artists and Arts Workers in the United States 1. Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and U.S. Census Bureau Hoosiers are relatively young, have been increasingly employed in life sciences, and the automotive industry has recovered well since the gloom of the Great Recession.

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