An analysis of the death of ivan illyich

Excerpt from Research Paper: Death of Ivan Ilych: The material In "The Death of Ivan Ilych," the Russian author Leo Tolstoy presents a man of the professional class who is so obsessed with 'getting ahead' he refuses to accept his own death until confronted with the inevitable.

An analysis of the death of ivan illyich

The story in the novella is that of a man named Ivan Ilych, who lives an unremarkable, average life, slowly climbing the ranks of society as a judge until he eventually becomes a wealthy man.

Ivan marries a woman from a good family whom he eventually ends up disliking intensely, but the two have several children together.


When Ivan is decorating a new house, he falls wrong on a window sill one day and receives a bruise on his side. After this, Ivan is plagued with health issues that eventually lead to his death.

The novella explores the thoughts of Ivan in the months before he dies. He comes to feel that he has lived his life badly and questions the meaning of life and death and the reason for his pain and suffering.

In the end, he realizes that his life can still be fixed and dies surrounded by his family with a satisfied look on his face. Several films have been made of the movie in Russia, including one inand Book Summary A group of judges gather in a private room and begin talking about cases.

The small talk ends when a man named Peter Ivanovich enters and tells them that Ivan Ilych has died. Although the men in the room liked and respected Ivan, being judges their first thought is what promotions and shake-ups might occur because of the death.

An analysis of the death of ivan illyich

Even Peter begins to wonder if he should apply for his brother-in-law to be transferred from a country town. The solemn moment caused by the announcement fades quickly and the narrator reveals that the men are mostly relieved that they are not the one who is dead. He is not sure how to act when he approaches the room with the coffin inside, wondering if he should cross himself or bow.

Peter is so unsettled by the body that he rushes out of the room. In the next room, Schwartz, a jovial work colleague talks to him about a game of bridge.

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She brings him to a drawing room but before they can speak, Praskovya accidentally catches her shawl on the corner of a desk and begins to weep. The butler enters the room to tell her the price of the cemetery plot for Ivan and she inquires whether there is a less expensive one, since the price of rubles is too much for her.

She tells him that, for the last three days before he died, Ivan screamed constantly and it was very difficult for her. Peter is horrified by the thought of his friend suffering but the idea that it was not him that died again comforts him.

Praskovya addresses the real reason she pulled Peter aside. When Peter is not able to come up with any suggestions, Praskovya dismisses him. Peter attends the funeral and is one of the first people to leave after it is over. When Peter leaves, the cool air refreshes him.

He decides to meet Schwartz for a game of bridge. The narrator describes Ivan as a perfectly normal, unexceptional man. When he is thirteen, Ivan enrolls in the School of Law. He is a good student but not an exceptional one.

He is drawn to people of high social standing and tends to try to imitate and assimilate their actions. He achieves a job position as an official for the provincial governor. Ivan moves to a new province after five years at this position. Ivan is a fair and sound judge, keeping his personal feelings out of his work and performing his task to the letter.

After living in the new province for two years, he meets a woman named Praskovya Fedorovna who is from a good family and has a little bit of property. Although Ivan is not necessarily in love with Praskovya, he marries her because his superiors tell him it is a good decision. They get along and life is relatively easy.

Praskovya becomes demanding and moody. Ivan begins to regret marrying her. He puts more and more of his free time into his work and spends only his time sleeping at home. After another year, Ivan is promoted again to Assistant Public Prosecutor.

Four years after this, he is transferred to another province again as Public Prosecutor. Seven more years pass with Ivan spending as little time home as possible and avoiding his wife. They have more children, but one dies young. Seventeen years pass with Ivan in his role as Public Prosecutor.

He is well respected and in high standing in his field. Ivan waits for a promotion as the presiding judge in a University town but he is passed over for this and becomes angry.Analysis literary devices in the death of ivan ilych's existential dilemma: leo tolstoy's novella, character analysis of authenticity in the death of.

Meaning of leo tolstoy and answer section for tolstoy and answers, it is the death. Sep 30,  · Ah, Look At All The Lonely People: Tolstoy's The Death Of Ivan Ilyich. Like Plato's Phaedo or Montaigne's Essais, The Death of Ivan Ilyich is a text that, properly understood, prepares you for death.

Read it, over and again, before it's too late. I am the media relations manager for . The Death of Ivan Ilyich: Top Ten Quotes, Free Study Guides and book notes including comprehensive chapter analysis, complete summary analysis, author biography information, character profiles, theme analysis, metaphor analysis, and top ten quotes on classic literature.

The Death of Ivan Ilych Criticism Leo Tolstoy This Study Guide consists of approximately 60 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of The Death of Ivan Ilych.

- “The Death of Ivan Ilych” Character Analysis” What is character. Is it something innate, or is it something we develop over time. What defines character in a person, the life they want to lead, or the life their leading.

These are all questions that are answered in the short story The Death of Ivan Ilych . About The Death of Ivan Ilych. There is no explanation.

An analysis of the death of ivan illyich

Written eight years after the publication of Anna Karenina—a time during which, despite the global success of his novels, Leo Tolstoy renounced fiction in favor of religious and philosophical tracts—The Death of Ivan Ilych represents perhaps the most keenly realized melding of Tolstoy’s spirituality with his artistic skills.

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