A case study on manager employee conflicts

The manager of the new product division was originally the leader of the project team for which she interviewed and hired Abdul. Shirley, another project team member, also interviewed Abdul, but strongly opposed hiring him for the project because she thought he was not competent to do the job. Seven months after Abdul was hired, the manager left the project to start her own company and recommended that Abdul and Shirley serve as joint project leaders. The General Manager consented; Shirley and Abdul were to share the project leadership.

A case study on manager employee conflicts

Can 13 project managers be effectively controlled and supervised by one vice-president? Can the 13 project managers under this V. What are the problems with small customer project management?

A case study on manager employee conflicts

Should a company be willing to let some large projects fail? What specific problems appear in the management of large projects? What type of project management structure is QCI Using?

What possible recommendations could you make? Article Quasar Communications, Inc. QCI employs about people of which more than are engineers. Ever since the company was founded thirty years ago, engineers have held every major position within the company, including president and vice president.

The vice president for accounting and finance, for example, has an electrical engineering degree from Purdue and a master's degree in business administration from Harvard. QCI, up untilwas a traditional organization where everything flowed up and down.

InQCI hired a major consulting company to come in and train all of their personnel in project management. Because of the reluctance of the line managers to accept formalized project management, QCI adopted an informal, fragmented project management structure where the project managers had lots of responsibility but very little authority.

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The line managers were still running the show. InQCI had grown to a point where the majority of their business base revolved around twelve large customers and thirty to forty small customers. The time had come to create a separate line organization for project managers where each individual could be shown a career path in the company and the company could benefit by creating a body of planners and managers dedicated to the completion of a project The project management group was headed up by a vice president and included the following full-time personnel: Because the customer requests usually did not come in at the same time, it was anticipated that each project manager would handle only one project at a time.

In addition to the above personnel, the company also maintained a staff of four product managers who controlled the profitable off-the-shelf product lines.

Case Studies for Conflict Resolution: A key element in civil rights training Wisconsin WIC 3 Case Study #3 In a predominately Hispanic . The Division is responsible for preserving and promoting Florida’s historical, archaeological and folk culture resources. ProActive Resolutions conducted a TJA conference – essentially a facilitated conversation among a community of people affected by a given situation – to try and get to the root of what was causing the workplace conflict, develop an workplace conflict resolution action plan and to oversee the implementation of the plan.

The product managers reported to the vice president of marketing and sales. In Octoberthe vice president for project management decided to take a more active role in the problems that project managers were having and held counseling sessions for each project manager.

The following major problem areas were discovered. My job is to develop new products that can be introduced into the marketplace. I have to work with engineering, marketing, product management, manufacturing, quality assurance, finance, and accounting.

Workplace Conflict Case Study - Bullying and Friction in the Workplace

Everyone wants a detailed schedule and product cost breakdown. How can I do that when we aren't even sure what the end-item will look like or what material are needed? Last month I prepared a detailed schedule for the development of a new product, assuming that everything would go according to the plan.

Marketing pushed the milestone to the left because they wanted the product to be introduced into the marketplace earlier.

Manufacturing then pushed the milestone to the right, claiming that they would need more time to verify the engineering specifications.

Finance and accounting then pushed the milestone to the left asserting that management wanted a quicker return on investment. Now, how can I make all of the groups happy? Every week marketing gets a copy of the project status report and decides whether to cancel the project. Several times marketing has canceled projects without even discussing it with me, and I'm supposed to be the project leader.

My low-priority customer always suffers. And even if I try to give all of my customers equal status, I do not know how to organize myself and have effective time management on several projects. When that happens, the line manager feels that he is the true project manager operating in a vertical environment.Conflict Management in the Workplace Case Study: Conflict management in the workplace is the activity aimed at the resolution of the conflicts which occur between employees or employees and their boss.

Naturally, conflicts cause harm to the process of production, because they consume much time and efforts which could be spent on work.

A case study on manager employee conflicts

The conflict that arises in our case study is one that deals with a job promotion that more than one employee is hoping to obtain We will discuss the basis and cause of the conflict, how to handle the situation, and evaluate the decision that gets reached.

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Case Studies for Conflict Resolution: A key element in civil rights training Wisconsin WIC 3 Case Study #3 In a predominately Hispanic community, a new participant is transferred in. As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 75, lessons in math, English, science, history, and more.

Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed. However, there are some conflicts that will resolve on their own, and knowing which conflicts to get involved in is your unique and singular responsibility.

Treating employees with respect and empathy, however is always your first step in resolving common workplace conflicts.

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